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    When is the best period of announce pregnancy after 1 month?

    Pregnancy is an exciting time for every women’s life. One can share this fantastic news with one’s loved ones right away. So finding the right time and situation to tell people about your pregnancy will be tricky. This article helps you decide on when to announce pregnancy by listing all the various problems.

    Week 1: Make an OB appointment

    In the first week of getting a positive clinical test result, you can call your hospital and make your first OB appointment. Your current OB doctor will ask about the conception date, which is why you will make your estimation on day one. Based on your estimate, the doctor can schedule an appointment for about eight to nine weeks after conception. This could be eight to nine weeks from your ask, or it could be much earlier. Your work will confirm your pregnancy. Now, tell you how far along you are. You will get a due date and an ultrasound picture, and you will notify you of some information about your pregnancy time, with a list of a new appointment.

    Informing fin your family about your pregnancy is a joyous festive. You will tell them before 12 weeks if you want their support. Announcing pregnancy to parents is a fantastic occasion. Your parents support you if you can tell them about your pregnancy early on. It will help if you also decided if you announce the pregnancy to your close friends. If the pregnancy news travelsfast, you may miss telling some of them personally. So it will be a good idea to say to them together at a gathering.

    Weeks 9 to 12: Announce to grandparents

    At this time, you’ve already decided to celebrate the news with your partner’s parents after your first OB appointment is the week’s perfect time to tell the baby’s grandparents after your pregnancy test announce news. Many women wait to tell anyone the excellent story until after their first appointment to ensure their pregnancy positive test result.

    And to know that her baby is now thriving quickly. Nine weeks may also come with a decreased chance of miscarriage at 10%. Whether you or your partner will call your parents or meet them in person to show them the ultrasound picture, announcing to the baby’s grandparents is a particular time that can be celebrated. It will provide relief to tell someone else about your pregnancy, and future grandparents are first on the list. Firstly make sure that they can keep a secret, and inform them that you want to announce to others yourself. Now you can tell your children that they will be an older sibling is an important decision. You may need to wait longer to expose very young children to this news. They will not understand it and, secondly, they are not good at keeping secrets.

    Weeks 12 to 14: You can announce to family and friends

    The best time to announce your family with your friends will between weeks 12 to 14. In 12 weeks, miscarriage risk may drop to 5%. In passing week 14, you will give a 99% chance to get a successful l pregnancy report. The announcement of your pregnancy to family and friends will be entirely up to you. While one decides to open the news to their entire family, she may decide that her best friend and other close friends come first. Your friends have already known about your pregnancy in the past three months of your activities. If you want to announce to the grandparents of baby’s, you should make sure that you are clear about the confidentiality of the announcement of yours. If you’re going to announce the good news to other people, you should make sure that you are the one person to decide when they will hear it and who they will hear it from you. Your family will understand your pregnancy decision, and they will very well humble that you told them before going to others and trust them with your announcement.

    Weeks 14 to 18: Announce to your employer

    There may be many circumstances that lead you to tell your employer about your pregnancy much earlier than week 14, including physical work labor, doctor appointments, hazards, and so on. However, if you don’t yet tell your employer, it is time to make your announcement. In the meantime, Your baby bump will begin to show early, and if your pregnancy announcement was a secret to the until, it won’t be a secret for much time. Stopping work gossip may happen if you make your announcement.A pregnancy announcement of yours to your employer is a decision you will make after carefully considering various factors. The factors will be Your contact’s term when you need your maternity leave if your job is stressful if you have pregnancy complications that affect your work. Generally, you can wait until the end of the first trimester to tell your boss about a healthy pregnancy. So, ensure that you mean your boss before you say to your coworkers’ coworkers. If your employer has an HR department, start with human resources. They can provide you with maternity leave information and maternity rights, and other relevant procedures. The next you can tell at work is your supervisor and manager. Now, discuss your duties, future absences, and maternity leave. You will take a discussion about whether you return to work or not and the details of your return after your announce pregnancy. Human resources already have known about your pregnancy, but it’s time to announce your pregnancy to your coworkers. Based on your position at the company and your circumstances, you may decide to tell each colleague one at a time. You can announce it during a meeting with the whole team. 

    Weeks 18 to 23: Tell the world

    You are now halfway through your pregnancy. You’ve already announced your pregnancy to all of the important people. Your family, friends, and colleagues are all in-the-loop. So it is now the time when you have decided to tell the world about your exciting news by announcing your pregnancy publicly. Between week 18 to 22, you may receive an anatomy scan. It will show you information about your baby’s growth, organ systems development, and even gender. Your pregnancy announcement on social media is the same as telling all the world. Posting news on social media, you make sure to tell all your near and as well as your work-place in person. It will ibetter to wait until the end of the first trimester to announce the news on social media so that the risk of miscarriage is less when you make the announcement. You can decide to promote your information publicly, including the gender of the baby. Many mothers enjoy revealing the gender of their baby at a party. Because you now know the gender of your baby, this can be a great time to talk with your friend and family member about your baby shower if you will decide to have one. Knowing the baby’s gender will help friends and family choose gifts for you and your future baby.

    You’re halfway there.

    Week 20 marks the half time of your pregnancy, and this is an exciting time. Your baby bump will be growing daily in this time, and this time will fly quickly. Announce pregnancy of your’s will be a meticulous process. It will be a huge relief once because it is public knowledge. It’s the right time to make plans and preparations for the baby nursery, baby shower, and getting ready to become a mommy.


    You can use this timeline more as a guideline for your personal announcement decisions. Every pregnancy is unique, and each woman has their thoughts about how they want to reveal their pregnancy to others. Whatever you decide, we hope this timeline helps guide you in your pregnancy journey. And, if you haven’t heard it enough, congratulations.


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