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    Why should women crave chocolate on their period and 5 or 6 times ?

    ”Crave chocolate” Hey Girls! Please don’t ever feel shy to feel like craving all foods like carbs, chocolates at your periodic time. It is a normal and common attitude for every girl during or before their irregular cycle starts. Menstruation means the release of blood from the reproductive organ called the uterus, out through the vagina, often termed as the birth canal. During the Menstruation phase, a raised hormone level of your body named Progesterone (Most probably, at the first phase of the cycle) causes a rise in Insulin. This Insulin regulates the blood sugar levels of our body. The high level of Insulin in the body then leads to low blood glucose. Thus the low level of glucose is the main primary reason why do most women on the menstrual cycle craving chocolate, candy, sweet desserts, and carbs.

    How do women’s menstruation and chocolate craving are interconnected?

    Generally, a women’s menstrual cycle occurs every 28 days on average. In these times, they become vulnerable to being anxious, irritable, or desire particular foods. These kinds of physiological changes are called Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), cravings, and mood swings. This normal phenomenon can fluctuate during the entire menstrual period. Bleeding lasts less than nine days; a woman commonly loses approximately 80 milliliters of blood from her body (Eighty milliliters equals 1/3 of regular size teacups). Other cravings and symptoms may occur during this time, from a mild headache to more yearning for sweet things.

    Diet and Mental Stress play a significant role in fluctuating hormonal levels. Taking sweetens consumption is directly interlinked with female hormone levels. For instance, Insulin is employed by your body to process glucose that comes from sugars and carbohydrates. Research study shows that low Estrogen levels and high Progesterone hormones trigger women craving for foods especially Chocolates and Carbs.

    Similarly, low blood sugar levels activate cortisol production, which acts as a stress hormone that makes you more anxious or restless. To overcome this situation, naturally, your body wants to relax and crave chocolate or sweet foods containing high sugar. To be specific, the food you eat affects your hormone levels in ways that cause more difficult feelings at a period. Therefore, it can say that sugar and periods don’t have an excellent combination to ease girls’ occasional discomforts.

    According to a Nutritional expert’s view, blood loss during this cycle, there is a lack of so many micronutrients like iron, vitamin b12, Magnesium, Folic acid, Potassium, etc. So, up-down levels of different hormonal levels along with these micronutrients lacking act upon another and make your hormonal imbalance which results in food direness like rich fat food, carbohydrates, etc.

    Is it worth taking crave chocolate during this period?

    Taking chocolate enhances the releases of Hormones such as Endorphins and Serotonin, which adjust your mood and balance neurochemicals, increasing relaxation. After the Chocolate eating habit of this positive reaction, your body starts to crave it. It intensifies during your period because of hormonal fluctuation and reduced average reservation level of blood and nutrients. Plain chocolate will relax your belly muscles because it contains a high source of fiber, zinc, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, and multi-minerals.

     How to cope up with this sweet food craziness on period?

    Fresh fruits

    It helps to reduce sweet food craziness during menstruation. Fruits have lots of antioxidants, and natural sucrose imposes positive feedback to your hormones, and your body will not demand that much sugary food as before. For example, Berries has an extreme action on reducing your sugar addiction. You can also take watermelon, which keeps your body rehydrated.

    Foods contain a rich source of iron and folic acid

    As bleeding rushes the first few menstruation days, replenishment of this nutrient will be your protected shield against all odds like sweet food craziness, gaining excess weight, and hormonal imbalance. Fruits contain rich iron such as date, pomegranate, prunes, peaches should be taken during this time.

    Dark Green leafy vegetables like spinach and food grains like beans, lentils, baked potatoes, and tofu are enriched with iron. Some other micronutrients like magnesium, phosphorus are substantial to maintain their average value because these microelements play a vital role in regulating hormonal balance during this period.

    Avoid Breakfast skip

    Don’t skip your breakfast as it is the first meal of the day. Left out morning meals put your occasional discomfort significantly worse and put your stomach being ulcerative/indigestive. Moreover, an empty stomach later triggers your hunger for carbohydrates, fat-like chocolates, junk foods, etc.

    So, taking at least twenty grams of protein at the first meal of the morning helps to settle your blood sugar level and make you feel the heaviness of your stomach. If you are an ice-cream lover, then a soy milk-based icy scoop of protein shake or smoothie can be a better health option in this regard.

    Lemon water Therapy

    Taking lemonade water will reduce your sweet food craziness for sure, plus it has a high source of antioxidants, which help boost up your energy level. Furthermore, lemon has a Pectin fiber, which is a natural fiber found with citrus food like orange, Malta which mobilizes your food digestion process that will prevent your excess fat deposition plus remove your fat already deposited within your body part as well.


    Rehydration during the menstrual cycle is an efficient matter, indeed. When your body and mind want to have chocolate, a sweet candy bar, and carbs, drink a glass of water or water with fresh mint, a slice of vitamin C induced fruit. Hopefully, this method will be very impactful to decline your cravings for sweetened foods.


    This is another handy item to reduce your hunger and craving for sweet chocolates/candy bars, milk based pudding, pizza, burger, etc. Not only that, it restores your other associated problems like sadness, irritation feelings, crying, depression, lack of adequately given attention, alter your aptitude, behavioral instability, and so on. Curcumin is the active element of turmeric, which is an anti-inflammatory quality that helps your muscle cramping, low level of energy, and other associated skin allergies.

    Mind diversion strategy

    Mint containing organic chewing gum, candy can divert your mind while you want to take junk food, decadent sweet dessert, or dairy. If you are a lovely item maniac, freeze up some organic ice-cream without sugar, fatless-sugarless yogurt, or smoothie to ease this problem.

    Do your routine Exercise

    Doing your gentle free hand exercises will not only cut your aptitude to take fatty junk food or sweeten food but regulate your hormonal harmony in all aspects. When we do activities, it releases endorphins, increases Serotonin level, and decreases Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, which makes our muscles relax and tranquilize our irritable, restlessness psyche.

    Treat yourself occasionally and revitalize your mood on period

    After reading above, this is not suggesting that you should cut down all your favorite foods, but it is recommended that you can often take a few sugary items with much caution that could be the number of foods less frequent of the week. In this regard, you can make a diet plan that two days could be your self-retreat days when you can take your craving foods in tiny amounts. You can also take consultation from your dietician or follow some professional blogs. Go somewhere where fresh air, natural beauty can soothe your restlessness, anxiety, upsetting and have some of your licking foods like ice cream, dessert in prescribed amounts.

    • What foods should be avoided to reduce craving trends for carbs and chocolate?

    1. Sugar-free

    Sugary foods or beverage is delicious item among tasty food. Unfortunately, we have to Limit or cut this high-sugar food because less glucose level settles down your mood swing and cramp.

    2. Processed or Refined

    Canned foods like bread, cereals, chips, meats, etc., should be avoided during this cycle.

    3. Crispy-Oily

    Burger, pizza, hot dog, club sandwich all are under this category, and you should strictly limit this food.

    4. Dairy Item

    Your periodic cramp or hormonal imbalance is, directly and indirectly, dependent on consuming Dairy parts at this time, such as cheese, dairy milk, and ice cream.   

    5. Beverage and Morning Coffee

    Commercial beverages like sprinkle Carbonated water and Caffeine might increase levels of your reproductive hormone like estrogen, which raise your belly cramps and increase your aptitude for a chocolate craving.

    6. Alcohol and Red Meat

    Consuming Alcohol and red meat makes you feel worse in this period. Perhaps stiff drinks and beef steak will make your taste bud satisfied while taking, but later, it will worsen your digestive system, which will directly trigger your hormonal imbalance.

    • Pro-tips

    Try to note down some plans before the commencement of your period so that you can easily follow those things and effectively handle your behavior. Must keep free hand exercises or gentle slow-walking programs on your backyard or roof as this is a natural recovery process, especially for your mental health. Watch movies or listen to songs as you like most. Chit chat with your best company over the phone, email, or face-to-face communication.


    Strong feelings or desires to overeating on Carbs, Chocolates, sugary foods, and junk food is not at all a strange thing that you should be apprehensive about. It happens with all girls or women in a more or less intensifying manner. This is all we called Hormonal surge during the menstruation cycle. Periodic blood loss puts your essential nutrients insufficient, which degrade your normal biological sex and psychological balance. So, emphasis can be given on dietary change according to the prefix plan.

    Lastly, prescribed ways of cutting down chocolates, candy bars, sweetened items, plus taking healthy living methods are the topmost steps to face this monthly unwanted situation for every woman.


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