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    How can I make number best 1 healthy recipe for ground beef ?

    A healthy recipe for ground beef seems confusing but no dear, ground beef is comprised of less fat and high protein, so it is comparatively healthy than beef alone. In this article, the reader are getting information regarding healthy recipe ground beef along with their health benefits, key ingredients, and quick tips.

    Here are 6 most easy cooking ground beef healthy recipe:

    Homemade ground Meatloaf 

     Key Ingredients:

    The meatloaf recipe is so much easy and popular in Mexico, Italy, and America. It is not so hard to prepare. Mix the raw ground beef with onion, Panko breadcrumbs, parsley, and cheese. To make the topping of the food, but the sweet and tangy mixture of ketchup. This tasty ketchup is a combination of onion powder, salt, pepper, garlic, vinegar, sweet brown sugar.

    How to cook

    Prepare the cooking pan by setting up baking paper, warm up the micro-oven near 370 degrees Fahrenheit. In a big saucepan, pour and mix all the raw ingredients and baking the meatloaf at 375 degrees temperature around 40 minutes. After that, baking the sauce with its ingredients for 15 to 20 minutes. Slice the meatloaf. It must be kept in mind that 10 minutes rest after baking the meatloaf with sauce. Now serve the meatloaf with sauce with your loved one.

    Quick tips
    1. Don’t mix up too much. Meat can over tender or hard.
    2. Put edges of the paper slightly out so that it would be easy to pull off.
    3. Firmly press the meat into the pan to shaping the meatloaf.
    4. Keep meatloaf ten minutes before cut into bread-like.
    5. Don’t cut an onion into small pieces, thin cutting onion easily boiled inside. 
    Health benefit

    Ground beef especially beef loaf meat contains good quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. A rich source of protein enhances and builds up our muscle strength, grows our muscle bulk, and energizes our basic energy level. Iron also plays a vital role to reduce the risk of anemia, especially for women.

    Kitchen factsheet of Meatloaf

    1. serving is equal to 3 to 4 Ounces 
    2. Cuisine: USA 
    3. Course: Main meal, Dinner
    4. Calories: 169
    5. Cooking time: approximately 1 hour

    Healthy recipe for ground beef cabbage roll

    Key Ingredients: Cabbage is enriching with vitamins, minerals. It is also quite available through the season in the market. Ingredients to cook cabbage roll is its leaves filled up with ground/steak beef, brown rice, and tomato sauce. A Delicious, mouthwatering, flavored and nutritious cabbage roll is not difficult to make at home.

    How to cook

    Firstly, wash cabbage leave into Lukewarm water, and then boil leaves for around 3 minutes. Recheck and again boil until leaves become soft. Turn on oven temperature to 350 degrees. Boil Brown rice as per suggestion on package instruction. To make rice slightly gravy, boil 5 minutes less than regular rice cooking time. The color of the meat should be mild blackish when it is fully cooked.

    Health benefits of beef cabbage roll

    1. Cabbage packed with vitamin C that helps to reduce inflammation.
    2. It improves digestion 
    3. It rejuvenates skin, hair, and teeth.

    Quick tips

    Take a thick leave of cabbage for rolling without any break or leak.

     Cabbage roll can freeze up eight hours. Keep 5 minutes open from the fridge to bake in the oven.

     Molasses can use instead of brown sugar.

    Kitchen factsheet of Beef cabbage roll

    1. beef cabbage roll is equal to 102 calories.
    2. Cooking time one and a half an hour.
    3. American cuisine
    4. Main dish

    Crispy beef Tacos

    Key Ingredients: 

    Crispy ground beef tacos are jam-packed with grounding beef, lettuce, and chili powder, red pepper, cheese, and red tomatoes. This twisted crispy taco is a very much delicious, tasty, and nutritious meal for the whole family.

    How to cook

    In a large skillet, take olive oil, meat, garlic, onion. Cooking at a medium-high temperature. Place seasoned taco and mix them well. Take oil in a small frying pan. Remove extra oil from the shell and present it on a decorated dish. Finally, fill with meat, additional cheese within it. Add tomato or any other sauce as topping.

    Health benefits of crispy beef tacos

    • Extra fat from ground beef meat is drain while baked and the protein portion becomes predominant which helps to strengthen muscle, ligament.
    • It mobilizes your metabolism and keeps your energy output at the optimum level.

    Quick tips

    Cook medium heat on a large-size skillet.

    The color of the meat becomes brown, then puts off the heat.

    Adding cheese is crucial to make tacos crispy. 

    It’s better to add some vegetables for twisted taste.

    Kitchen factsheet of crispy beef tacos

    1. Mexican Cuisine
    2. Main dish
    3. Cook time 40 minutes
    4. 1 serving of tacos is equal to 170 calories

    Beef pie

    Key Ingredients: 

    Ground beef, parsley leaves, bread crumbs, onion, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, red wine, tomato, cinnamon, bay leaves.

    How to cook 

    Pour two tablespoon olive oil on a pan and heat it at medium temperature, add some onion, garlic. Continue to cook for five minutes until onion becomes transparent, soft. Oil the pan and poured ground beef. Cook it well with no chuck portion of meat. You can drain excess fat after cooking the meat completely. Mixing in wine, tomatoes, tomato paste with all essential spices. Add a necessary amount of salt. Simmer it for 5 minutes and again mixture those onions, garlic into the pan. Cook it for 35 to 40 minutes at low temperature. Remove the pan from heat and well mic with fresh parsley. 

    Quick tips
    1. Keep the Mixture moist or saucy-like.
    2. Pie can keep three to five days.
    3. Cook at medium heat.

     Health benefits of beef pie

    It is a high calorie of carbs but it provides potential body energy. A guided menu of beef pie is suitable for anemic patients and those suffering from low blood pressure. Tomato contains rare vitamin A, antioxidants that replenish our vitamin-A deficiency and promote iron supply to the body. 

    Kitchen factsheet of beef pie

    1. 1 service size of the beef pie is equal to 175 grams
    2. USA Cuisine especially in the Kansas area.
    3. Party dish is more popular than a regular dish.
    4. Cooking time around 4 hours.

    Ground beef burger

    Key ingredients

    Ground Beef, garlic powder, cheese, tomato one piece, and green lettuce leaves. Buns of hamburger. To make a topping of burger tomato ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise can take up.

    How to cook

    Firstly, make the oven warm by moderately high heat with a slight oil grate. Then take a medium-size bowl, whip on an egg, salt, and pepper. Put the meat (ground beef) and bread crumbs within the mixture. Stir and mix them smoothly and do this unless those are well blended. Finally, keep the patties in the prepared oven. Heat it for six to eight minutes. 

    Quick tips 

    1. Don’t pour sault unless patty forms
    2. Frequently flip on the burger as per your desire
    3. Don’t over squeeze your raw ground beef
    4. Keep your raw material in cold condition

    Health benefits

    As ground meat is fewer fats, carbs, and more protein. So taking this high rich protein foods will boost up your immune system, give your whole day energy to work heavily. Besides, cheese, lettuce leaves, tomatoes give you extra multi-minerals and anti-oxidants which keep your body fit, strong and healthy.

    Kitchen facts sheet of the ground beef burger

    1. Average 1 serving of burger contains 225 calories
    2. Americans most favorite entrée, casual or dinner cuisine
    3. Cooking duration around 45 minutes

    Beef meatballs

    Key ingredients

    Ground beef, garlic, ginger, black pepper, butter, sour yogurt, onion, vinegar, red chili, coriander, cornflower, tomato, mustard oil, olive oil.

    How to cook

    Firstly marinate the meatball by mixing oil, ground beef, and all spices except salt as it releases water. Keep the marinate for 30 minutes and then add salt before baking in an oven or on the gas stove. Preheat oven at 350 degrees temperature. Try to make an equal size meatball otherwise baking of all the meatballs will not the same. Cook in an oven at 400 degrees temperature for 20 minutes. Don’t get overheated as the outer surface of the meatball become hard, dry, and inside become rubbery.

    Quick tips

    1. Don’t over mix the meatball 
    2. Place tomato sauce before presenting on plate
    3. Equal size of meatball is required for taste and aesthetic aspect.
    4. Don’t add salt initially, pour salt before insert the oven.

    Health benefits

    Ground beef is very low in fat and high in protein. So, it contains all amino acids, iron, and vitamin-B. Therefore, a high portion of animal protein energize our body energy, boost up our mood and give fullness of stomach with comparatively low fat and high calorie. 

    Facts sheet of beef meatballs

    1. One meatball contains 57 calories
    2. Italian cuisine
    3. Main dish in cuisine nature
    4. Easy to process and cook
    5. Cooking time is 45 minutes around


    Not surprising that beef is not as healthy as vegetables or chicken in terms of food value. But ground beef is high calorie with less fat in comparison to plain beef. That’s why we should choose carefully this healthy food and take it not more than 5 times a week unless your nutritionist advises.


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