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    How beneficial is the healthy recipe for shrimp 20th century ?

    Healthy recipe of Shrimp is cool, don’t you believe me? Well, followings are some catchy information for you regarding healthy recipe for shrimp and how you can take it with your meal.

    Let’s look at some interesting quickly and short information of your curious mind still whispering;

    How much healthy recipe for shrimp is healthy?

    How many shrimps should be taken daily?

    Does shrimp contain Mercury?

    1. How much shrimp is healthy: Well, of course, shrimp is healthy if you take it as per the recommendation of the nutritionist or health experts. Shrimp is a great source of protein, selenium, choline, and vitamin B12. You may happy to know that this fish has a high level of protein with a very little amount of fat, carbohydrates. So, hopefully, now you quite sure that it is a healthy food undoubtedly unless someone has a specific allergy to shrimp.
    2. How much shrimp should be taken daily: to know this answer, we first know the measurement of shrimp. Shrimp serving is measured in three volumes. Mega serve contains around 21 to 25 count per pound where 5-6 shrimp present .large is 31-35 count per pound (8/9 shrimps) and Medium(41 to 50 count per pound):10 to 11 shrimps. It is commonly notions in the fish market that 30/40 per pound is of great taste, value, and easy to cook in various ways. Therefore, 4 ounces contains four to five pieces of shrimp which can take with a meal. We can take this food three days per week. Every day taking of shrimp is not suggested by the Food and Nutritionist around the world.
    3. Does shrimp contains Mercury: Obviously not, other fishes like swordfish, tuna, and shark have high mercury but fortunately, shrimp has a very low amount of mercury which is easily negligible, indeed. 

    According to the research study, the followings are the potential health benefits of a healthy recipe for shrimp:

    Strong Cartilage and Bone

    3 Oz of cooked shrimp contains 125 milligrams of calcium. Its shell contains phosphorus and vitamin–D also. Vitamin-D and Calcium are substantial nutrients to strengthen your bones and cartilage. Shrimp shell is the raw material to produce glucosamine sulfate which smoothes the cartilage. Many pharmaceuticals company make the capsule of Glucosamine by using shrimp shell. Therefore, shrimp intake at the recommended amount is very much beneficial for older people to reduce osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. 

    Skin rejuvenation

    Skin is the largest organ of the human body. The aging process and overexposure Ultraviolet rays emerge from sunlight day after day, our skin loses its natural youngness, tonicity, develop freckles, wrinkles. Lack of the right nutrients and care of skin leads to skin cancer. The good news, shrimp contains a natural antioxidant called Astaxanthin. This antioxidant restores the elasticity and moisture of skin that prevent skin damage. Free radicals from ultraviolet rays cause skin cancer and these free radicals can’t be combined to form abnormal cellular property that leads to cancer. Thus, shrimp controls various skin disorder and enhance skin rejuvenation.

    Supportive to weight loss

    Weight control is much expected to unwelcome all initial diseases like arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Shrimp contains high protein with very low calories, multi-minerals like zinc, iodine. Zinc helps to secrets more leptin in our is a hormone that interlinks with our digestive system. It helps to pass a signal to the brain when our stomach is full. So it cut down our food cravings and ceases our further food-taking demand. Zinc is found moderately in shrimp and this nutrient enhances more secretion of leptin that helps to control body weight.

    The well-being of girl’s health

    Shrimp contains a moderate amount of Omega 3 fatty acid. It plays a vital role in a girl’s health. Omega3 fatty acids help to reduce joint pain, hormonal flush, reduce inflammation caused by the menstrual nourishes blood flow to the pelvic organ. It also reducing mood swings during periods or after menopause. A low level of Serotonin hormone is the main culprit to do girl’s depression, restlessness, irritation. Antioxidants and multimineral helps to reuptake of serotonin secretions that heal up those premenstrual symptoms.

    Improve retinal health

    When our eyes are too much exposed to our surrounding irritants like a computer or mobile screen, our ophthalmic property becomes continuously disturbed. Excess exposure to those disturbing light radiation reduces our retinal adaptation. As a result, the retina can’t do its optimum performance. Shrimp shell and fleshy part contain antioxidant and zinc, iodine which helps to reduce these eye damage by improving blood circulation to the eye structure prevent eye inflammation.

    Prevent hair loss and regrowth

    Zinc, iron is very much essential micronutrients for hair growth. Lack of zinc and iron hair loss can propagate with aging processing. Keratin of hair is made of protein. Omega 3 fatty acids and high protein are found in shrimp that prevent hair loss and sufficient supply of iron, zinc can helps to regrowth of hair. We can get benefit from shrimp if we incorporate this with our meal not more than trice in a week.

    Help to lower bad cholesterol

    Two types of cholesterol, good and bad, Good one is called High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is the bad one. Previously, it is thought that shrimp eating elevates bad cholesterol and should be banned shrimp in the diet. But researcher had found and proved that right amount of shrimp eating lower your LDL (bad cholesterol).shrimp has the virtue of high protein with a low calorie of fat plus it contains Omega 3 fatty acid which elevates your good cholesterol called HDL and lowers bad cholesterol as low-density lipoprotein. So if we could control our bad cholesterol, our heart will get protection from different heart diseases. To lower our bad cholesterol, shrimp should be taken 3 ounces of serving thrice in a week; research suggests.

    Delay Aging process

    Zinc, iron, iodine, and antioxidant presents in shrimp are very much effective to delay our aging process. Free radicals come from ultra-violate rays arising from a sunbeam, mobile, computer which make our skin, muscle dull and make our body energy low. Micronutrients from shrimp help to react to those free radicals and it can’t directly act those negative impact on our skin and appearance. Thus, shrimp eating is very much recommended to delay our aging process.

    Now, let’s move into the shrimp recipe. There are so many various ways of preparing this food. Below we share some names of healthy recipes for shrimp. It takes less time to cook.

    Healthy recipe list of Shrimp
    Plain Shrimp NoodlesCurry coconut shrimpGinger spicy shrimpShrimp salad
    Shrimp honey sauceShrimp roll breadCrispy shrimpMushroom shrimp
    Shrimp veggie soupShrimp BBQShrimp vegetable bowlHealthy shrimp bake
    Mexican shrimp lasagnaShrimp Masala sauceShrimp peanut roll 

    To know details of those cooking recipe, you can further search into different on Google, Youtube, and various cooking Vlog for getting exquisite tips and tricks.

    Pro tips for shrimp cooking

    • High-heating cooked shrimp is more delicious than low heated cook.
    • Melted butter addition makes shrimp soft, well-flavored and crispy.
    • Don’t cook so fast like 2 to 3 minutes with high heat as it makes rubbery, hard tender form.
    • Cook shrimp shell on as it gives good texture and taste.
    • Use vinegar/white wine/sour yogurt as per need, it softens and removes the unwanted smell from shrimp.

    For the betterment of our readers, we should be cautious to take shrimp with the meal. Such as:

    Frequency of taking shrimp

    In America, the national dietary guideline recommends 6 to 9 Ounces of shrimp can eat per week on average. Shrimp must not eat every day as it will produce so many health hazards.

    Allergy toxicity

    Shrimp hypersensitivity must know before taking on a meal. Shrimp allergy could be life-threatening so those who have an allergen to shrimp must be avoided to take it.


    Sea-fish like tuna, shark, and a variety of shellfishes contains a high amount of mercury which likely to cause mercury poison. Like many shellfish, shrimp has also a tiny volume of mercury contains. Mercury is the lethal poison to human health. Mercury poison causes chronic indigestion problems, neurological disorder, weaken immune system even destructive to fetal health. So, the right amount of shrimp eating is very much essential to avoid these fatal health risks.


    Elderly people having some problems with Osteo-arthritis in general. Purines causes increase Gouty arthritis. Purines are naturally found in many fishes, especially on the sea. Shrimp contains a reasonable amount of purines. So those persons having already gouty arthritis or osteoarthritis can suffer more after taking this fish. To reduce your intake of purines through shrimp.


    A healthy recipe nutritious food for shrimp is undoubtedly beneficial for human health. It has great value for your health but caution and general recommendation should follow to include in the meal.


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