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    How to do home workouts no equipment the best tips in 2021 ?

    Before Scroll down to this article regarding home workouts no equipment; you may have already found tones of home exercise videos, images on Google, YouTube. All your confusions or doubts that still within your mind, right? Well, make clear your queries after reading out this writing to the end!

    Can exercise at home workouts no equipment effective for me? 

    Yes-of–of course. A home workout with no gym machine is beneficial for an individual. Evidence-based research such as the American College of Sports Medicine suggests daily 20 minutes vigorous free hand exercises or 30 minutes exercises thrice a week at your house without equipment to maintain your health fitness, lose your body weight, and may fill up your fitness goal. 

    Followings are the best way to do exercises with no equipment. These exercises are easy, accessible, and attainable in either your home or hotel room. 


    Bodyweight squatting

    Bodyweight squatting means sitting very low near the floor or ground. To perform this exercise, simply stand straight with feet slightly apart from each other. Your feet should be as apart as your shoulder level. Put your arms straight and forward, low down to sit with spine and hip in the straight position.

    Frequency of doing this exercise: 15 Repetition into 3 sets is the ideal exercise session to start with the beginner level. Increase this set two times more after 1 week. Gradually, you can also add more repetition like 30-50 into 5 depends on an individual’s tolerability, adaptability, and continuous practice. Furthermore, you can add some weight by holding burbles or a water bottle. If you want to make your body more shape, more challenges of repetition and weight may include in this exercise. Your thigh and leg muscles will become stronger, bigger by doing the exercise.


    Push up exercise can do by all ages of people. It doesn’t need any support or a gym machine. There is a correct method to perform push up. Different fitness trainer around the globe states that perfect push up can bring magical change in our body regardless of gender, age. So, we should know how to push up perfectly to get maximum benefits. To do push up, we have to keep our hands on shoulder level or slightly apart. Keep our neck straight in the line of chest and hip. When lowering the body to the floor, our elbow must flex around a 30 to 45-degree angle. It is the combined work of all upper arm muscle, chest, and abdominal core muscles. Therefore, lower your body near to the floor and again bring it back by straightening your elbow. In this way, 1 repetition of push up you can complete. 

    Frequency of doing this exercise: 10 repetitions into 3 sets are the standard protocol but beginners can do set push up according to their physical limits. It provides strength and expands your pectoral or chest muscle. Besides, there are many types of push up. We were spot on very basic of push up. If you want to know more about push up, please visit various blogs, YouTube, and so on.


    You should keep your hand apart from your shoulder level. Now grab the pull bar, pull your body up by downing your elbow. Now the point is if you travel outside or don’t have a setup of pull bar, you can do this in an alternative way. One of the easiest and safe methods to hold your door frame slightly up to your head level and pull your body towards the door and go back to starting position. There are so many alternatives that you can do pull up without using a pull bar. It gives strength to your upper back, triceps muscles, and widened your shoulder girdle.

    Frequency of doing this exercise: 10 repetitions perhaps an advanced level. So if you are at a beginner level, 2 pull-ups in 3 sets are much okay to initiate with. You can also start this pull-up exercise early in your entire exercise session. This performance keeps you exhausted so that keep up this exercise as earliest as your fitness training program.

    Forward Lunges

    It is the most effective exercise for the back, knee muscles in perfect shape. Stand with feet shoulder apart distance, keep your posture upright then hold your waist with arms on both sides. Keep in mind that you just can’t slouch your spine when lowering your body. During lowering your body, step forward your right knee and that shouldn’t cross over your right toe. Back to your original standing position. You can add some weight through a dumbbell or some water fill-up bottle to advance your skills.

    Frequency of doing this exercise: at the beginner stage, 10 forward lounge is optimum at 3 sets. If you put weight on your both hand, 5 kg weight can bring your muscle in a more challenging situation. Lastly, there is no exact repetition for an individual. You start your workout less frequently so that you are not injured anymore.


    It is the hardest exercise for core abdominal and back muscles. Not only that, it involves almost all the large muscles of your body. To do this performance, kneel your exercise mat, put your hands and elbow floor at shoulder level. Ground your toes and contract your butt, belly tuck in .now raise your body, neck, spine in the same line by keeping elbow around 90 degrees. Maintain this position for 10 seconds. Once again, it should keep in mind that your neck, waistline, and thigh level in the same plane otherwise back strain may occur at any time.

    Frequency of doing this exercise: 

    as I mentioned, it is very hard to do, so 10 seconds at three sets is best to begin. If you can do this for one week without muscle cramps or discomfort, you can proceed for 15 seconds. So later on 1 minute to 3 minutes. In this manner, you can also increase the set from three to five sets.


    It is the common form of workout at home or outdoor. At home, you can gently start your walking exercise. It helps your cardiovascular system active, helps to control your bad cholesterol level, and improves your overall physical fitness. A 15 minutes general walk with 2 set with 5 minutes pause can be good for the beginner. A very common notion persists among our mind that we have to walk fast to sweat for getting all benefits, is it valid? The answer is not exactly, you can start with your walking at a normal pace. Increase your time up to 60 minutes. Then you can walk fast pace gradually to maximize your walking benefits. At home, you can walk in the backyard or terrace. In a hotel room, you can walk within the room to start with your stopwatch on. 

    Frequency of doing walking: according to the national academy of sports medicine in the USA, health experts recommend that 30 minutes of walking at natural speed per day is great to receive all health benefits from this exercise. To understand your physical and medical condition starts your walking program as soon as possible.

    Tips & Tricks

    • Watch, think, and analyze your home workouts according to your body, task schedule, and nature of work.
    • Measure your body parameter like Body Mass Index, risk factors, etc., and schedule your home exercise program.
    • Consult with your online Fitness trainer & Dietician from a different marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, and other platforms at your convenience.
    • Always remember, your goals should be specific, realistic to build up your body fitness. 

    Air cycling

    Lying back on your floor mat. Keep your arms rest on both sides of your waist. Raise your knee around 90 degrees and start cycling in the air, assume that you are cycling. It is a great advantage for your heart, all joints mobilization, and losing belly fat. The most beneficial aspect of this exercise is that an older person or heart disease sufferer can do this without any strain or muscle fatigue. 

    Frequency of air cycling: 15 repetition initially looks good with 3 to 5 sets for the beginner. Later one can do 30 reps per 5 sets. These sets with reps burn out your belly, thigh fat effectively.


    There is so many home workout with no indoor fitness equipment, but we introduce the most convenient, suitable home exercises with its intensity to start with. Doing the above exercises will increase your fitness level and lose your unwanted body fat plus provide a lucrative shape.


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