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    What are the best indoor games for youth in 2021 ?

    Are you getting bored to homebound yourself in this pandemic time? Well, young people too are getting sufferers physically, mentally, and socially because of covid-19 lockdown prolongation and panic situation. Being a parent or guardian, you can solve this by engaging in indoor games for youth at the garden, terrace, or front garden. Youth means 15 to 24/25 years, age people, said by United Nations. Therefore, you can choose some games which can exert some physical energy to boost up their physical and psychological development. Here are some best indoor games for young persons who would like to participate

    1. “Bang the pottery bowl” as popular indoor games for young age group

    It is an exciting game for all ages. It improves your precision, coordination of all your senses.

    Requirement of the game

    • Cheap rated medium size clay bowl
    • A wooden or bamboo stick at least 5 feet in length
    • Some blindfold
    • Mild music system (optional)

    How to play

    It would help if you placed a pottery clay bowl around 20 feet from the player’s fixed point. You will ask the player to see the clay bowl and then put the blindfold and a bamboo stick to the player’s hand. One player will get just one attempt to break the pottery bowl with the bamboo stick. Now instruct the player to go and bang the pottery bowl. To distract the player’s target, a mild volume of music system can be started when he or she begins to move to break the clay bowl. One player will get one chance to break the bowl. In this way, this game is supposed to play, and it is a beautiful and fun game; anyone will like it.


    • Cheap rated medium size clay bowl
    • A wooden or bamboo stick at least 5 feet in length
    • Some blindfold
    • Mild music system (optional)

    2. “Throwing the ball into plastic bucket” might be ideal indoor sports for youth age

    Throw a tennis ball into the buck is so much fun and an actual eye-hand coordination exercise for the participants of this game. It does not only provide you the mental enjoyment but also suitable for your coordination exercises.

    Requirement of the game

    • Five tennis ball
    • One bin basket or plastic bucket small size
    • Pen, paper, or digital board

    How to play

    You have first to mark the place where a player can’t cross to stand that marked area. An open bin box or bucket will put near 20 feet distance from the standpoint. Now one player can get a chance ten attempts to put the ball into the bucket. One person will stand behind the bucket to pick the ball and give it to the player for the next attempt. So one player successfully put how many attempted balls to the bucket should be noted down by pen-paper or record digitally onboard or digital tab. Then the next player will come, and the same manner play should be on. The second stage will be performed after successfully maximize put the ball into the bucket. Finally, the winner will be announced and awarded by price accordingly.


    • After throwing the ball into the bucket, don’t put your hand on your nose, face, or mouth to avoid contamination of germs.
    • Don’t throw too much force to injure your shoulder or hit another person behind the bucket to throw back your ball.
    • The accomplishment of 10 attempts of throwing the ball to the bucket, each player should sanitize their hands.
    • Hopscotch game for the teenager as in  indoor sports

    No doubt that hopscotch is a traditional playing game as outdoor or indoor for the youth side. Hopscotch games can be played by two-player or multiple players. You can also create some variations to make more fun of this game.

    Requirement of a hopscotch game

    • Chalk, remover, or duster
    • A non-sharp edged twig /dice.

    How to Play Hopscotch?

    First of all, you should draw a traditional hopscotch diagram and instruct the player regarding this diagram. You were then throwing non-sharp edge dice to the first square block. Make sure to put the dice into the square block, not online or outside the union. If your dice fall online or outside the block, your turn would be over. The next player will start the game, and you have to wait until the player turns out. Hop into the square block, not onto the line, and jump over a single leg. After successfully hop to the eight blocks, then return in the same manner but involving two legs hops. The winner will be announced who completed the turn-in five times. In this way, this hopscotch is usually played. Still, you can make so many changes to make the game more challenging even enjoyable, with mutual discussion to the participants before starting the game.

    • Chess is the most intellectual indoor game for all ages

    It is the most intellectual indoor game for young adult people where need home workouts no equipment. Chess is an ancient game played by civilized people in that bygone era. It opens up your brain’s analytical skills and sharpens your memory. Chess playing is undoubtedly a valuable indoor game for not only young age but all age people

    How to play

    There are some basic steps to learn chess game. First of all, it is played by two people only. One player starts his playing moves, and then the opposite player puts his move.  Following are the bare thumb of rules that you must go through to learn chess at an initial stage.

    • Arrange the setup of the Chess Board
    • Know the movement of a particular character like a bishop, king, and minister
    • Get to know the exceptional moves for bishop
    • To learn the winning strategy
    • Learn the basic ground rules of chess and keep playing to be expert

     ( Moin bhai, u  must place a Gif video by premium plugin to wordpress site on chess play)

    • Pillow passing game is a suitable indoor game for young and all age people

    You might like the game Pillow passing because it requires neither expensive materials nor colossal space. You can play with your family members, including ten to twelve years kid up to most senior members. Pillow passing is an entertaining and well-interacted indoor game for young adults also. During pandemic time or rainy season, you can enjoy this game at home with all your family members. This game is very health beneficial for senior family members. It makes their arm exercises, plus some eye-hand coordination occurs.

    Requirements to play pillow passing

    • Music system
    • Medium size pillow
    • Music system controlling person
    • A simple sitting Chair depends on your playing members

    How to play

    Firstly, you should inform all the participants that make a circle by sitting with a chair. Music will play, then begin to pass your Pillow to the right side person until the music stops. When the music stops, the person who was holding the Pillow should be out of the game. In this way, the competition must be one until the winner finds it. There are some rules, like the person who is playing the music system can’t see the participant passing the Pillow, so that fair refereeing can happen without any partiality.


    The chair can exclude, and all participants can sit on the floor by making a circle. When you can find that some participants are senior or difficulty sitting on foot, you can incorporate a chair or stool to sit on. Persons with a physical disability or wheelchair user can also participate in this pillow passing game. So this game is so much potential that it can easily include all age groups and differently able people.

    Benefits of indoor games for youth age

    • Benefits of indoor games for young age
    • Creates lots of fun and happiness
    • Make you know to understand about yourself by playing indoor games
    • Increase your physical fitness up significantly for teenagers and seniors
    • It boosts your analytical and creative ability.
    • You can know each other
    • You can learn and know how to work with a team
    • It helps your mind to solve conflicts and puzzles
    • You can understand that losing is also your part of life to cope up.
    • It increases your coordination and cognitive skills especially for young age people.


    The indoor game is very much interactive and connects closely with your family members and neighbors/friends. Nowadays, there are so many indoor video games, puzzles. Still, we try to emphasize here to include those games which are needed less expenditure plus humanly touched game. The virtual contest is not interconnected with your beloved family members. Still, the above-mentioned indoor games are very much interactive and make your family members close.

    Melissa Clark
    Melissa Clark is an American writer, book author & CEO of Gosokal & Healthuan. She is the author of over 40 books and has received multiple awards from the James Beard Foundation and IACP for her work.


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