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    What are the 15 most nutritious healthy foods for our healthy body?

    You may confuse to look around the Google search information pages where tons of nutritious, healthy foods are available, right? But we enlisted here the 15 most nutritious healthy foods for our reader’s convenience. Just go through till the end, and you will get precise and easy facts that simplify the confusion for sure! We categorize all foods into a broad title and keep some foods alone for your better understanding.

    Fifteen most nutritious healthy foodstuff


    Blueberries, Apple, Orange, and Pomegranate, watermelon, banana, and cherry, and pineapple, avocado are the most nutritious healthy fruits for your healthy body. Fruits are the great source of vitamin C, fibers, and multi-minerals, which keeps you away from different diseases. Fruits salad could be your best choice as a side dish or main dish some days of the week. A combination of fruits and their color will also improvise your sense of appetite and cravenness to avoid taking junk foods. Fruits are easy to digest and suitable for any age except for some medical conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism. One teacup of fruits is equivalent to approximately 400 grams is generally recommended to take every day for an adult.


    Salmon, sardines, artic sourced mackerel, trout are very healthy sea and lake fishes to eat. These fishes are the richest source of beneficial oil, like omega-three fatty acids. These fatty fish oils lower your blood cholesterol levels, minimize the risk of heart attack, brain stroke and ensure your protein demands. Also shrimp recipes have a lot of protein. Sea fishes are micronutrient-rich like calcium, vitamin D & B compound, and phosphorus, strengthening your bones, teeth, and muscles. You don’t need to eat fish every day of the week; three days per week can be sufficient for you as per dietician says.


    Green leafy vegetables are the most beneficial foods among all other foods. The plant protein will restore and boost up your immune system. Dark greenish vegetables are highly advised able by clinical dieticians around the world. Kali, spinach, carrots, broccoli, red leafy vegetables, Brussels sprouts, and Swiss chard are trendy vegetables worldwide. Those veggie contains anti-oxidants, vitamin A, K, B.  Daily four hundred grams or five serving of cooking vegetables to take with your daily meal.

    Organic Breads

    Gluten-free homemade bread is one of the nutritious, healthy food for you. You can buy some organic bread such as Sprouted whole grain bread, oat-bread, flax-bread, sourdough. The organic bread is rich in a high fiber and low carbohydrate plus plant originated protein. Three slices of organic bread per day are helpful for an individual healthy person. Organic bread keeps you fit enough as it supplies carbohydrates which is your fuel for the body to work correctly.


    Animal meat like beef, lamb, mutton, duck, and pork contains high cholesterol and protein. We need protein, but high cholesterol brings us many unwanted diseases like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. The Good news, meat is not forbidden but should take lean beef, organic chicken, especially breast part, lean lamb meat. You will be glad to hear that Five and a half-ounce of lean beef can take daily , recommends by the American food and drug association. 

    Nuts and seeds

    Wall-nut, almond, macadamia nut, chia seeds, cashew nut are a high source of fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, anti-oxidants. You should include two tablespoons of nuts and seeds in your daily meal. Nuts, seeds are required for our body to meet up daily protein needs. 

    Whole Grains

    Brown rice, oats, wheat, quinoa are very much tasty, nutritious, and popular nowadays. These grains contain high fiber protein with gluten-free grains that are the most desired carbs to fill our healthy diet. This whole grain is an essential portion of foods that reduce our cholesterol, reduce constipation and provide a good carbohydrate supply for our body. Six servings of grain are a handful for an individual adult.

    Green tea

    Green tea means less processed tea and contains a high portion of polyphenol, catechine (Anti-oxidant). Green tea is very much effective against cold, flu, cough, and runny nose. It boosts your immune system because of its free antioxidants and multi-mineral nutrients. Three to five cups of daily green tea is the maximum dose for you daily. Matcha is the most potent type of green tea, containing double the amount of antioxidants as any other general kind of green tea. Excess green tea drink can make your stomach upset and insomnia which could be detrimental to your health.

    Dairy product

    Dairy items include Cheese, Butter, milk, and yogurt. Whole milk is very much effective for an adult because it contains no impurity. It is rich in protein, vitamin D, and calcium. Daily, two glasses of whole milk can be taken if no allergy or stomach upset occurs. Fat-free Cheese contains vitamin B compound, which supports our nerve to convey its electrical signal from body to brain and vice versa in the right direction. One serving (one and a half ounce) of Cheese is required to meet our daily dietary demand. Thirty grams of Butter and two teacups amount of yogurt is recommended by most food and Nutritionist for an adult. Yogurt is beneficial to prevent indigestion. Butter contains bones that become less dense and fragile for the older population.


    There is a common notion that egg increases your cholesterol. Still, recent studies at a large scale in the USA and other European zone have established the evidence that egg doesn’t increase your bad cholesterol that LDL(Low-Density Lipoprotein) at all instead raise your good cholesterol. So daily egg taking is very much substantial for everybody unless hyper allergy happens while taking eggs daily. You should take two to three healthy eggs salad daily to fill up your physiological requirement. Besides egg contains essential amino acids and vitamin K, which energies your auto defense system to fight against any germ.

    Fats and oils

    Extra virgin oil and coconut oil seem very useful to lower your cholesterol and reduce your Alzheimer’s rapid progression. Grass-eating cow butter is an excellent source of vitamin D and multi-minerals. If you cook your daily meal with extra virgin oil, it will reduce your body weight and increase your good cholesterol.

    Apple cider

    Apple cider is more nutritious than apple juice because apple cider has three to four times more content polyphenol compound than commercial apple juice. Food and Nutritionist recommend that daily 15 to 30 grams of apple cider can take for an individual adult. Simply taking just one tablespoon of apple cider with water to take every day will boost your immune system.


    Vegetables that grow underground are called tubers. Potatoes, cassava, dahlias, sweet potatoes, aqua roots are examples of tubers. Tubers are high in starch and provide you the energy for the body to work. Diabetes and hypothyroidism patients should take tubers under the supervision of a dietician or doctor. The tuber is highly rich in fiber, so it reduces constipation.


    The liver is the storage area of all processed vitamins. So when you eat an animal’s liver, you can quickly get a rich source of vitamins, especially from cow, duck, chicken, lamb, goat. This animal liver contains good vitamin A, K, iron that is nutritious for your eye and immune system. Eating a single serving of liver is helpful to meet your daily demand as dietary needs. One serve of the animal liver is equal to 4 ounces. Keep in mind that daily eating of cow or any other animal liver is not recommended. You can take one serving of animal liver once or twice per week.

    True Dark chocolate

    Actual dark chocolate means chocolate is made up with only cocoa powder without adding any sugar. Real dark chocolate contains a rich source of antioxidants and caffeine, which boost your energy level and suppress your bad hormone release, which causes mood off or depression. Actual dark chocolate is a high source of carbohydrates and healthy fat. An average adult individual can take dark chocolate around 4 to 6 ounces daily. Still, it is not recommended to continue dark chocolate every day year after year. Too much dark chocolate can increase your body weight and depress your mood. So it is wise to take chocolate 3 to 4 days per week, and the amount could be 125 ounces of actual dark chocolate per month.

    Tips for taking nutritious, healthy food intake

    • Citrus foods should take in the early morning or noon to avoid possible gastritis.
    • Same vegetables can make your stool lose, so combined with meat to take vegetables every day.
    • Animal liver is nutritious for young adult but 50 years or above age persons should restricts earing animal liver.
    • Hypothyroidism patients should take very few portions of sweet potatoes and tuber-like roots.
    • Chocolate must avoid taking daily basis as it gains your body weight and increases your blood cholesterol level, except actual dark chocolate


    Nutritious foods for any person are required for sure. The right amount of foods is the utmost regardless of any issue. So we should provide ourselves the right nutritious, healthy food to keep our body fit to fight any germs from outside and inside.


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