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    What kind of outdoor fitness games can we do to an attractive, healthy body in 20th century ?

    Game is always on in our life. Well, we are talking about outdoor fitness games that help us be healthy. There are so many fun games that we already played in our childhood or school-college life. But here, we have selected the top 9 outdoor fitness games that we can do to make our bodies healthy and attractive. These nine games are given below:

    Plank race as outdoor fitness game

    Plank race is a very much interesting outdoor physical exertion game. Each team consists of two members at least. Place Olympic-like round loops into two rows. Put six small bean bags into starting hula loop of the first and second-row hula loop. Two teams will participate at the same time. The first member of each group will begin by plank position starting from the left or right side. Complete to transfer six bean bags to the next loops by keeping plank position. In this manner, two members of the team should finish the task. The team will win who completes the job in the shortest period to do the correct way.

    Every Minute on the Minute play look enjoyable fitness game

    Every Minute on the Minute play looks like an enjoyable fitness game. Every minute game is a versatile outdoor physical exercise game that you could play outdoors, even your terrace or backyard. First of all, you have to note down on a piece of paper regarding your good ten exercises and put them in a transparent bowl for a toss. So, you can make the team comprised of two or more members. Each unit is tossed, and pick the paper where different exercises with their time and frequency have previously been written down. Each exercise program is carefully selected according to general exercise items to advance level. Each person is called on the tossing bowl and picks up a paper, and performs exercises accordingly. He should perform one activity after another in each Minute. Such as push-up exercises on ten reps and following exercises are lunge for 30 seconds and then jumping. In this manner, 10 exercise performance completion candidates will initially be selected and goes to the next round. Finally, the winner will be chosen and get a reward. This is a very casual and interactive exercise game.

    Musical DJ Mat is fun sporting outside of the house

    This Musical DJ Mat game can fairly play outside area while on picnic or family get to gather program. It would be best if you had some mat or tool and a music system. This outdoor game becomes more enjoyable if the participant number is more than 15 or 20. Now, choose one person for a referee and one for handling music. Make a circle of 20 members and place 19 mats or tools at the beginning of play. The music system controller will not see the participant and face opposite to this circle. He will turn on the music some times and of. When the music starts, each player will round the mat or tool, and just after the music stops, they should sit on a mat. Only one person will not find the rug, and he will be out of the game. Next, another carpet or tool is removed from the circle. In this manner, only one mat will remain, and a game champion will be that person who can sit on the device or find the mat. Balance and coordination of eye-hand occur by playing this game.

    Jail-Prison break Game can play into the outdoor area

    As you could imagine, the name of the game “Jailbreak” two teams will participate in this game at outdoor places. This game is an excellent fun-loving outdoor fitness sport. One party will act as jail authority, and another section will role-play as the prisoner. Before starting play, one place is predetermined: the prison where prisoner performed player will catch and place them in jail. This game can play fairly if an ample space with ten players in each game can participate. After whistling the flute, the prisoner player will hide from the prison and take place at a different location. The jailor acting group member will again whistle after some 05 minutes later, and they start to hunt them to keep in prison. The interesting of this game part is that when the jailor player wants to catch the prisoner, he should find out and grab him. Still, the prisoner can see the jailor player from the backside without his notification. So, if the jailor then releases one prisoner. In this manner, the game will end when all the prisoners get back to jail. A fixed time and target can set out before starting the game.

    Bottle spin and roll play game can be fun as an outing game

    This bottle spin and roll play game is really versatile and enjoyable outdoor fitness game. To proceed this game, first of all, sitting all the players in a circle manner. Then take a wine bottle and spin it, the bottle will stop and the person who direct sit to the bottle neck side, he or she will so some physical exercise drill or do dancing/mimicking an animal walking. This is great fun and all the participant will take part of this acting. It is so much enjoyable game during outing to camp or barbeque party in the backyard

    Water -land games as an outdoor sport can bring back to a childhood memory

    This kind of sports can play in indoors and outdoors. This game is particularly suitable for kids, but adults can enjoy playing. Physical exercises automatically occur while playing this fun fitness game in an outdoor space. One must play a role in referee and announcer to say water and land consecutively. The referee will yell out water. Then the participant will step forward and backward while say land. So when the game starts, the referee yelling water or competition, and the participant will follow his command and change their standpoint. A player who can’t follow the order and step wrong or will go out of the game. In the end, a winner is announced and gets rewards with small treats. It is an entertaining game for all age groups.

    Hide and seek in an open outdoor area

    It is the oldest and evergreen outdoor fitness sports, especially for kids and teenagers especially. It is pretty similar to the jail and prison game-like. Hide and seek game, you have to seek those persons who get hide within certain boundaries. Usually, 05 to 10 players can participate in this game. One player plays as a seeker, and the rest of the player transforms into a hider. First of all, a toss occurs among the players who will be the ultimate seeker. The seeker will be the one in a small group of 5 to 8 players in a game. The number of seeker player could be two or more when the total number of players reach 15 to 25. Within counting one to a hundred, hiders will hide into the place, and the seeker will start seeking after finishing the count. When all hider is found out, the game will end.

    Blindfold and catching the game in an outdoor space

    Blindfold catch is the ancient time of the fun game that can play inside or outside the house. The game is straightforward, like one person’s eye is covered with the blindfold, and the other person will test the fold whether the blindfolded person can see it or not. After trying the blindfold, the person will start to catch the rest of the players within the boundaries. It is a great fun game and exciting if played in a new open outdoor field as well. Usually, a small number of players are participating in this type of game.

    9. Circle changing game as outdoor fitness game

    Changing circle is fantastic fun and physical fitness game on the outside. You can make five to ten circles by marking the chalk or using a circle ring. Each player will stand within the circle. Perhaps, 11 players of this game are participating, and one player is out of the circle. When a whistle is buzzing, all players will start to stand the circle, and one player will undoubtedly reach the circle. After that, ten players within the circle and one player is waiting for the next whistle. In this manner, the game will be on, and gradually one circle will remove from the game, and one player circle out. At the end of the play, one player will win by possessing the last existing circle.

    Tips to perform outdoor fitness games

    • Carefully planning the games according to group members age, gender and physical fitness
    • Select the area and the number of player to perform certain games
    • Look out the weather and dress code to perform the outdoor fitness exercise game.


    Games that can play in the outdoor area could be more fun with physical drills. This physical drill-based outdoor fitness game can keep us healthy and put our bodies in good shape. When we play these games, our childhood memory also feels us nostalgic and pulling us to our past golden moments. So we should once again try out these outdoor physical games.


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