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    Why should you do exercise an outdoor fitness park the best for 1 hour ?

    Health is wealth. We can keep our bodies healthier physically, socially, psychologically. There is no alternative to doing exercise, especially an outdoor fitness park area. In the USA, most people suffering from cardiac diseases, arthritis, and back pain due to physical fitness.

    Outdoor exercise is better than doing exercises indoors. Fitness program outside is not only boosting up our physique but also improves social interaction, energize mental health indeed. So we should do physical exercise at a park where natural fresh air fresh up our souls.

    Here are some reasons why we should do exercise outdoor. Here we will focus on four reasoning’s such as

    • Biological
    • Psychological
    • Social
    • Economical  
    • Biological 

    Boost up Immune system 

    When we exercise in the natural environment, our body is more stimulated as fresh oxygen and green grass soothe our body and soul. It has a great impact on the development of our immune system. Our body’s self-defense system is activated when it gets adequate oxygen in the blood. Physical exercise improves our blood circulation and helps to secret hormones, which eventually boost our immune system.

    Blood pressure control

    Research studies have shown that doing physical activities at a park with a natural greenish environment reduces blood pressure compared to exercise indoors. Hence outdoor fitness games have a great influence on reducing our blood pressure.

    Enhance natural vitamin D 

    Doing exercises under an open sky with bright sunlight helps our body to get vitamin-D. This natural sunshine vitamin is essential to keep our bones, muscles, teeth healthy and strong. Sunlight and natural air are very supportive for your body to synthesize Vitamin-D and increase calcium production.

    It helps to burn more calories.

    Physical exercises can burn more calories in our body than exercise indoor, so exhaustion comes later than indoor exercises. As a result, we can do more exercise with less discomfort than inside a gym.   

    Increase libido

    Libido means desire to do sex with the opposite gender. Due to age, hormonal change, work stress, many men-women lost their sexual desire, which greatly hampers their marital life. Besides, sex is also a great source of burning your calories in a fun way. Moreover, women’s health is more complicated than men’s health. Sexual (of course, healthy sex with your legal partner!) intercourse keeps our normal hormonal balance. Therefore, exercising outdoors keeps our libido or sex desire alive, helping maintain our family relations even healthier.

    Decrease cardiovascular diseases

    Physical exercise has a great positive influence on cardiovascular fitness, reduces blood cholesterol, lowers blood sugar. It boosts up heart muscle strength and endurance. If the heart pumps well, then the required amount of blood circulates in the body, and cardiovascular diseases’ unwanted complications reduce. Proper blood circulation is required for all vital organs of the body. Our organ such as kidney, lungs can work when it gets the right amount of oxygen.

    Decrease muscle, joint pain

    A gentle walk or light jogging at a nearby park or garden improves our blood circulation to the muscles. These joints nourish more oxygen supply to the injured area like the knee, shoulder. Recommended free hand exercises reduce our chronic or long-term pain like back pain, knee pain, etc. Outside exercises can divert our concentration from our injured area, and we can bear the pain to do exercises. Reversely it helps to mobilize our joints and make muscles stronger. In this way, our muscles provide secondary back up to reduce our joint pain.

    It prevents many complicated diseases.

    Physical exercises may help to prevent complicated health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. Doing physical exercises is boring indoor for many people, and it reduces your exercise tendency. Outdoor exercises have the potential role in making your exercises interesting. This interest will keep your body active. That’s why outdoor exercise might prevent many complicated diseases that we could suffer in the future.


    Decrease Mental stress

    In this technological world, mental stress arises from working place, family issues, health hazards, economic tension, etc. Only physical exercise at your nearest terrace or open park is the best solution. Simply, freehand exercises, group walking, or cycling can easily be soothing your tension. Besides, exercise exerts your relaxation hormone called endorphin and reduces the tension, making a hormone called cortisol. So move your body, shake your body and breathe out all your tension. Several research studies have already proven that exercise outside is one of the best medicine to reduce mental stress.

    Healthy sleep

    Many people can’t sleep at night, or their sleep is not so sound. Wake up from sleep in the morning; headache, drowsiness, and mood off are common symptoms. Altogether we called sleep disorder which welcomes so many complications in life. Go outside, have some exercises, and feel the green environment’s fresh air, sunshine, and beauty to get off this problem. Once the body becomes adapted to this outside exercise habit, your sleep disturbance will gradually decline. Outdoor physical exercises certainly help to regain a normal sleep cycle.

    Remove monotonous routine

    Exercises at Public Park can bring a new diversity of life. How? Walking in the park regularly, you will get some accompany by those people. You can do some exercises together with them also. Make a variation of some exercises, intensity. So that, daily routine life, as well as exercise program, will feel new and variant.

    Changes bad mood

    While doing exercises at a park, your mood will change by certain factors like natural air, people’s accompany, new exercise programs. However, scientists proved that bad mood-producing hormones would suppress when physical exercises in the fresh air are performed. Exercises with Nature’s touch will eventually teach you how to cope with a bad mood and transform it into a good mood.

    Behavioral changes

    When we confine to a certain restricted place and work, our behavior becomes artificial, rude, self-centered. To do exercises out of four walls widened your mind and removed your behavioral restrictions. Exercises in an open environment must induce your patience, one of the major factors to change your behavior. Doing exercises will increase self-esteem, decrease frustration and encourage your soul to be successful, happy.


    Increase communication

    While doing exercises at a park, less equipment is required. Moreover, physical exercise equipment is mainly made of environment-friendly aluminum, bio-degradable plastics, and eco-friendly steel. More people have interacted with each other regarding exercises, health, and family issue. This kind of conversation motivates each other, makes friends, and prevents loneliness. As a result, social interaction and an interpersonal link are boosting up—the more interaction with people, the less chance of destructive or suicidal tendency. So physical exercises at home can’t bring social interaction in comparison to outdoor exercises.

    Enhance fun time

    Doing exercises at the park will be more fun as neighbors with their family members gather and gossip, sharing their thoughts and memories. They sometimes share their childhood memories. This kind of interaction increases their social bonding. Interpersonal interaction can readily happen when they spend time together daily during group exercises or individual sessions.


    Free of cost

    You were doing exercises at a park, sports track even jogging at pavement bear no cost at all. So it is the best shot to develop your health without any investment.

    Attraction of investors

    As we mentioned above, that exercise on the outside needs very less equipment. Those are made of steel, a new alloy of aluminum, sustainable plastic. Social interaction and friendly behavior make the whole atmosphere very attractive. Altogether, the circumstances become an attractive space to invest for the developer, the fundraiser, and many corporate companies’ stakeholders. They try to link these positivities as a social contribution to change human health and positive social change.

    Financial accessibility

    Different professional indoor fitness centers offer very lucrative packages of health programs. Still, they can be costly plus inconvenient for lower-income people. More outdoor fitness parks can bring these people into barrierless fitness zone where positive health outcomes will come easily and happily.

    Important tips

    • Always do some warm-up exercises before you start walking, jogging.
    • Worn comfortable, flexible cloth to do outdoor exercise.
    • Keep the message to home that you are in a specific area for doing physical activity.
    • Activate your location on mobile.


    Health is the number one criterion to make our life worthy, meaningful. Health becomes well if we nurture it accordingly. Physical exercise is one of the main elements to become our health more fit. Doing exercises at an outdoor fitness park is most beneficial in this regard.


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