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    How beneficial is the best yoga for relieving neck pain in 2021 ?

    Yoga is no doubt that beneficial for relieving neck pain. Yoga for relieving neck pain is most associated with soreness of muscles, predominantly the neck region. Yoga helps you reduce muscle tension when pain or inflammation occurs due to sudden strain or muscle pull.

    The Mechanism on yoga for neck pain relief:

    Yoga may play a significant role in easing your neck ache. The yoga pose is generally some combined motion of the particular region’s muscle groups stretching and strengthening exercises. Stretching of muscles brings back to its standard arrangement and reduces your muscle spasm or tightness. Improve blood circulation of that inflammation area helps the body to auto recover from muscle strain. When you do your neck movement, it improves lymphatic drainage that removes pain or toxic chemicals from that area and restores your normal range of motion.

    Some of the best yoga poses are very effective in relieving your neck ache. Always try to move your body parts, neck, arms at your pain-free range. But remember that, yoga is for your health benefits of plays vital a role. Never go beyond your pain-bearing scope unless discomfort can trigger more. Among so many yoga for neck pain relief, we focus in this article on Seven yoga exercises: easy, comfortable, less possible to hurt, and very useful to ease neck pain.

    7 poses Yoga for relieving neck pain relief  
    Neck Movement / RotationTadasana(Standing Mountain)Pose
    Cross-Leg Easy Pose with Neck StretchingCat cow pose
    Snake pose (Kobra)Grasp hand behind the shoulder
    Warrior POSE (II) 
    • Neck Movement / Rotation

    Neck stretching, such as move your neck right side then left side up to reach ear level. Neck rolls like this are of great help to ease your neck ache.

    To do the exercise, follow the below steps as it is straightforward and less distressful:

    Firstly, sit in a comfortable back support chair.

    Secondly, you begin to rotate your neck gently but firmly on either the right or left side.

    Finally, keep rotating your neck at your same side shoulder level or up to the pain-free range.

    Repeat it ten times into two sets four times a day. Your neck movement will help you to clear your joint stiffness up to some extent. But keep in mind that don’t go beyond your painful range as it might cause an increase in your ache and muscle soreness.

    • Tadasana (Standing Mountain) Pose

    If you want to increase your neck and upper back muscle’s muscular firmness, it enhances balance, patience, and concentration. Tadasana or standing mountain pose is very much helpful, indeed. You have to do this pose in a standing position. Besides, yes you should wear yoga pants before doing yoga in this position.

    How to do yoga for relieving neck pain:

    Stand erect with your feet together and arms rest at your sides. Now contract your heel firmly to the ground and feel the contraction. Breathe in and out rhythmically. Someone feels a bit hesitant to keep body balance, so you can put apart your feet just a six-inch gap to maintain your balance and coordination.

    Then, tighten your toes, shine bones, muscles, upper and lower back, and breathe in and out slowly with control.

    Again, contract your shoulder blade, elbow, forearm, and wrist but don’t make slouch your posture. Breathe in and out, which will eventually relax your muscle spasm and relieve your physical and mental tension. Just keep your neck straight; otherwise, neck ache may aggravate if excessive forward bend or hollow motion occurs.

    • Cross-Leg Easy Pose with Neck Stretching

    Yoga pose with cross-leg sitting will improve your muscular strength of weak neck muscles and provide knee and ankle flexibility. Neck stretching in this position enhances the release of your neck muscle’s tension.

    To do Neck muscle stretching, follow this process step by steps:

    1. Comfortably sit on your yoga mat, cross your legs, keep your head, neck, whole back spine in the same straight line.
    2. Move your neck right side flexion or bending; ensure to touch your ear lobe into the right shoulder or near to shoulder.
    3. Inhale air while back to neck from shoulder and exhale when bending your neck towards the shoulder.
    4. Do this on either right side to the left side. Remember, after touching your shoulder, breathe and back to center, then repeat. After five times to the right side, do again on the left side.

    Repeat five times on each side for two sets with properly inhaling and exhaling to release your neck spasm.

    • Cat cow pose

    The cat-Cow pose is a very famous and influential yoga pose for relief of neck muscle spasm and relaxation for the upper and lower back.

    As the term reveals that you have to keep your body in a four-point kneeling position like cow or cat stands or walk by their hands and feet.

    Procedure to do “Cat-Cow pose,” follow these easy, comprehensive steps which are as follows:


    Keep your hand position on the mat under shoulder level, keep your head and neck in a neutral place and look slightly downwards. Don’t excessively bend your neck; otherwise, neck ache will increase.


    Breathe in as your belly move into the floor, pull your chin and chest, and then move your neck upward, assume to look at the roof of your room. It is called Cow posture.


    Breathe out by pulling your abdominal muscle towards your spine and hollow back. This pose resembles a cat stretching, then relax your head and neck towards the starting position. So breathe in, back into cow position and breathe out, move to cat pose. Do this 10-15 times.

    • Snake pose (Kobra)

    Conventional yoga manuscript reveals that snake erects his head to bring cosmic energy before prey. This cobra stretch will realign your neck back in its original position and provide your strengthening of the upper and lower back and neck muscles. Keep your mind that if you have recent neck surgery or other severe pathology of the neck, please consult with your doctor regarding performing these exercises?

    How to do Kobra pose

    • Lying your belling on the exercise mat, keep your feet straight and apart from each other around 4 to 5 inches apart.
    • Place your hand under your shoulder level with hands facing towards the top of the mat.  Keep your elbow on the sides of your body.
    • Inhale your breath while lifting your head and chest from the mat and slowly straighten your elbow at your level best with keeping your head-neck in the same line. Press your toes to pull your body.
    • Go back to the floor by slowly exhaling your deep breath.

    Hold the position for 30 seconds from off to the mat and relax your arms. Ten repetitions are subtle with the beginner stage.

    • Grasp hand behind the shoulder

    This pose helps you stretch your upper back, shoulder girdle, and neck muscles. These methods reduce your tonicity of inflamed neck muscles. It is effortless and comparatively comfortable for all age groups.

    At first, sit with comfort in an exercise mat, up to your left elbow, and bend your arm, placing it on your back.

    Secondly, gently grasp your left hand by using your right hand from the back.

    Finally, hold both hands and sustain this position for 30 seconds. Alternatively, do the same thing on the opposite hand.

    Just be cautious while grasping your hand or placing your hand behind your back. Don’t overstretch or slouch unless severe back or neck strain might occur.

    • Warrior POSE (II)

    Warrior pose (II) makes your shoulder, chest muscles open, widen and support to contract your neck muscles. It is a basic form of yoga stretching. Follow the steps given below:

    1. Stand with one leg facing forward and another portion placing back. Bring the right leg forward, left foot back, facing the left at a slight angle.
    2. Keep your arms parallel to the ground with palms facing downward .Flex your right knee around a 50-degree bend.
    3. Firmly contract both legs and straighten your whole spine. Rotate your neck to the right side, assume viewing your right side scenery. Hold the position for 30 seconds and do the opposite side. In all of the above poses, you can do 10 minutes of morning yoga.


    Yoga for neck pain relife is an ancient form of manual technique that is useful in this condition. But we have to remember that neck pain can happen for various reasons. One the other hand many times your can do yoga for lower back and neck pain. So we should carefully do the yoga exercises to relieve neck pain unless there is a severe warning sign of medical consultation.


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